"I came across this edit when trawling through the DV tapes for my upcoming Crates episodes.

Had totally forgot that I cut it together.

It was one of those moments when you hear an amazing song and know it desperately needs to be in a skate vid.

So I got a load of clips on my hard drive from WFTW,First Broadcast and some offcuts in order to see how it worked in the edit.

I remember being stoked at the time, and still am now!

Not sure if I ever shared with anyone, so here it is for the people of the internet.

The track is Eels ‘Fresh Feeling’ and the skaters are Channon King, Cairo Foster (poached), Julian Dykmans, Andres Holguin, Frank Stephens, Vaughan Baker, John Rattray, Colin Kennedy, Paul Shier, Daniel Kinloch and Scott Palmer.

Enjoy" - Adam Mondon.