Most of you probably won't be aware, but this morning we should have managed to send out our 300th Sunday Service newsletter!

To celebrate this somewhat of a landmark, we decided to bring you something a little bit more on the special side than simply uploading an old section that ties in with the displayed photo on the email. This week, we've been properly rummaging around in the VHS archive and have pieced together an ever fashionable "Remix/Mixtape" comprised of some super rare Tom Penny footage that could be found spread out across numerous hard to find early-to-mid 1990's UK videos.

A couple of tricks here and there have surfaced elsewhere online over the years, but this lot comes straight from its original source, all of it is British footage, and none of it can be currently found on any of the other Tom Penny Mixtapes doing the internet rounds. There's even a Flip-era Andy Scott cameo thrown in, too.

Four and half compiled minutes of rare UK Penny footage awaits - quit your dithering and click 'play' right now!

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