Prepare yourself for a proper Easter Sunday treat, as we bring you Sylvain Tognelli's amazing section from Jacob Harris' 2013 full length London centric production 'Eleventh Hour'.

Having started out life as a project for Grey Magazine, throughout production the video was placed solely in Jacob's hands and the BESA award winning 'Eleventh Hour' was the result. Mainly focusing on the then emerging Isle Skateboards team, including Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Nick Jensen and Sylvain Tognelli, the video also brought to the fore the talents of Luka Pinto, Kevin Lowry, Dan Clarke, Rob Mathieson and Arthur Derrien.

Sylvain's full part followed on from where his Blueprint 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue' section left off, leaning heavily on flowing lines and 'off the beaten track' spots, leading into a short Isle montage featuring Casper Brooker, Paul Shier and Jon Nguyen.

Press the play button now and dive in...