Does Shaun Currie posses the finest flick in South Yorkshire? I'd say so, and if you disagree, take in the remix of his opening section from James Cruickshank's 2011 Sheffield scene DVD 'Brass Monkey'.

As you would expect, the video included lashings of fresh footage from Danny Beall, Liam Sproat, Dead Dave, Henry Stables, Timmy Garbett, Stoke-on-Trent stowaway Jed Coldwell, Will Mason and Jerome Campbell, to name but a few, though the responsibility fell on Shaun's more than capable shoulders to open the production. Watch on below as Shaun flows his way around the Steel City, piecing together a shedload of quality lines and rifling off no shortage of quick-footed bangers along the way.

Also, pick yourself up a copy of the full DVD if you have somehow yet to do so - it's definitely worth having a physical copy in the collection.

Shaun Currie - Brass Monkey remix from James Cruickshank on Vimeo.