Back in 2010, London's very own Rory Milanes came through as part of the well travelled crew who had worked alongside Chris Mulhern on his independent offering 'This Time Tomorrow'. The hour long video, which followed a strict 'daytime to nighttime to daytime' editing theme, also featured parts from other London residents Lucian Clarke (who had the honour of holding down the closing section), Steph Morgan and Will Harmon, with the likes of Jimmy McDonald, Devon Connell and Steve Durante taking care of business over the pond, with no shortage of known heads making appearances across the video's several montages.

Upon the video's release in the winter of 2010, this section was regarded as the finest collection of Rory footage that had been compiled, and it can still hold it's own today, near enough six whole years down the line.

Get stuck in below for three and a hlaf minutes of timeless Rory steez - filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern.