Since his initial appearance on the UK scene way back in the early 1990s, Mark Channer was never one to put out half-arsed footage, and his section from the first Unabomber Skateboards VHS release 'Unapromo' was obviously no excpetion.

Despite the fact that this was one of Mark's shorter sections - clocking in at 1 minute 41 seconds in length - you couldn't pick fault with any of the clips contained herein. Geographically, central London gets the most attention paid to it as Mr Channer takes his eye for terrain and hits a bunch of spots that haven't really been touched since. Looking further afied, he also gives the likes of Bristol and Liverpool some attention, as well as hitting a couple of rural gems hidden away somewhere in the countryside.

Anyway, divert your attention below to enjoy some classic 1998 ripping from Mark via his 'Unapromo' section, then get out there and make the most of your Sunday - there's not long to go now until the clocks go back...

Mark Channer - 1998 tailslide, London

“Very, very, very good transfer tailslide in the middle of the smoke."

‘86,400 seconds in the life of Mark Channer’ – Sidewalk 26, May 1998. Photo: Wig.