Henry Edwards-Wood has stepped to the Sunday Service plate this week, hitting the rewind button and placing us in the London of 2007 as he brings you the 'London section' from his Concrete Poets offering 'Writer's Block'.

The DVD was originally released through Slam City Skates and The Story Store in Sheffield, and included full parts from Greg Conroy, Brett Star, David Yap, Faris Hassen, Shaun Currie, Jin Shimizu, Kyle Edwards and Scott Howes. In the mix you could also see the London montage that is featured here, which also saw the likes of Jak Pietryga, Josh Cox, Joe Sivell, Will Harmon, Chewy Cannon, Karim Bakhtaoui, Neil Smith, Lucien Clarke, Rory Milanes and Shaun Witherup getting involved. As Henry himself said recently, this montage is basically 'Hold Tight London Zero' and the starting point of all the Hold Tight London releases which followed.

Watch on below now for a ten-year old dose of Big Smoke dopeness, then bring yourself back up to date by revisiting 'Dendridic Flux', the latest Hold Tight London offering from Henry, released in conjunction with Theobalds Cap Co. Keep an eye out for more decade-spanning Hold Tight radness from Henry, coming your way soon...

Writer's Block (2007) - London Section from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.