Bradford's Lee Rozee is a true underground street legend; you'll never find him at events, it's rare you see a photo of him, and chances are he's been skating for longer than you've been alive. He's only ever had three full sections, yet he's out skating on an almost daily basis and forever uncovering fresh terrain in one of the most rinsed out cities in the UK.

His section in Rory McKenzie's 2011 Leeds scene DVD "Dayzed and Confused" was an unexpected treat, which saw Roz once again destroy a load of spots you've never seen before or since, all of which is set to Seasick Steve. There's no arguing that this is pretty much perfect inspiration for your Sunday afternoon roll.

Click the play below to get his "Dayzed and Confused" part into your eyes, which also features cameos from various other Leeds types. Will Roz pull through with another section for Sore Skateboards upcoming full length offering "Reprobates"? Watch this spaceā€¦