It's only fitting that a video as creative and original as Alex Craig's "H'Min Bam" should house an extra along the lines of what you are about to watch.

In and amongst the variety of alternative edits and archive Scottish footage, the Vandoorathon Excerpt could be found, covering one part of an American road trip that John Rattray and a variety of friends undertook during the early 00's. Not only does the Vandoora Excerpt featuring several minutes of rare Rattray ATV footage which sees him sessioning everything from backyard ramps to hidden loading bay kickers, it also reintroduced the population to the eternal genius of Eight Dayz A Week, the band of one time Santa Cruz pro and subject of many an Andy Evans gag, Claus Grabke.

Anyway, if you're in the mood for some lesser seen Rattray in America antics, obscure German rock and some comedy miming, click play on the embedded player below now!

H'min Bam - Vandoora Extra (2004) >>