Still wasted from the party last night? If so then ease your head with some vintage Frank Stephens, taken from the 2004 Cliché Skateboards DVD offering 'Freedom Fries'.

The release of 'Freedom Fries' was swiftly followed up with the ending of the brief relationship between Frank and Cliché, which was first announced to the world at the very end of the seminal 'Bon Appetit' the year previous. After Frank and Cliché parted ways, Frank quickly teamed up with Harry Bastard in order to relaunch Unabomber Skateboards alongside Ben Grove, Liam Sproat and Tom Watts.

Anyway - in and amongst the slams and general tomfoolery, there's some genuinely banging early 2000s skating to be enjoyed. Hit the 'play' button now and take it all in. Filmed and edited by Fred 'French Fred' Mortagne.