After a good few years residing in glorious Cornwall, news spread last week that Eddie Belvedere can now be found back in his (adopted) home town of Manchester full time.

Over the course of the last decade and a half, Eddie has racked up a steady back catalogue of Manchester centric video parts, including appearances on offerings such as 'Workers and Lurkers' that you can see here, 'Little Picture' by Dan Cintra, and 'Too Right' and 'White Noise' by Rob Smith, to name but a few. He also held down the closing part on The Harmony's second full length video 'Wolfstadt' in 2006, and produced no shortage of edits for The Black Sheep right up until the time he moved to Cornwall. Since his relocation to Kernow, Eddie's output obviously kept itself at a steady rate, putting in a solid appearance on Matt Hunt's scene video 'In Crust We Trust' last year.

Now Eddie is back on home turf, expect to see more Mancunion bangers along the lines of this - Eddie's 'Blue Monday' assisted section from the Note Skateshop video 'Workers and Lurkers', released back in 2006 and produced by Joe Gavin.