Due to the massive amount of output the area has had over the years, we're regularly drawn to the West Country when it comes to our Sunday Service. This weekend we return to that neck of the woods once again, to Bristol in particular, to revisit some 2008 dopeness from the classic pairing of Dave Snaddon and Nicky Howells.

Over the course of their four and a half minute long joint part for 'Savoir Faire', Nicky and Snaddon tag-team pretty much all of Bristol, as well as venturing out further afield. Instantly recognisable Bristol spots, long gone warehouses, some crusty inner-city backstreets, schoolyard gems you've not seen since...they've pretty much got the whole West Country area covered.

Hit the play button now to get stuck in - filmed and edited by Ciaran O'Connor and Kevin Parrott.