Back in 2006, Ben Grove could be found riding for Unabomber Skateboards and Vans, residing in Sheffield, and holding down a full part in the last full length Bomber release 'Urbane Mob'.

This was a prolific period for Champagne Supergrover, who only the year before had put out a short but powerful part on Blueprint's 'Lost and Found', got a section together for Joe Gavin's Note Skateshop backed Manchester scene offering 'Workers and Lurkers', and made appearances at every UK event possible. Having jumped ship from Blueprint to Unabomber in mid-2005 and being awarded a pro board as a result, it's safe to say that Grove was undeniably focused and on one as a result.

His section in 'Urbane Mob' was filmed by a number of camera-wielders stationed all over the country, and the footage was varied in terms of geography and terrain as a result. Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, the North East, his then hometown of Sheffield...Grove turns up everywhere over the course of this Necro assisted 3 minute section.

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Sunday Service: Ben Grove - 'Urbane Mob' (2006)