In the years following the release of 'In Progress', Barney Page packed his bags, waved goodbye to his native Exeter and embarked on a globetrotting mission with his fellow Etnies endorsed Europeans Axel Cruysberghs and Albert Nyberg.

Near enough two whole years after he opened up 'In Progress' for us with a still ridiculous two song part which was primarily filmed all over the British Isles, Barney reappeared on our screens, this time in HD, with another heavy hitting collection of footage for the short Etnies video 'AB&A'.

Filmed across America, as well as on trips to mainland Europe and Asia, Barney once again impressed all who bore witness before parting ways with Enjoi and landing himself a spot on the full Sweet Skateboards team. Anyway, remind yourself of Barnshk's banging 'AB&A' section now then venture out into the wider world with your skateboard in tow and make the most of your Sunday.

Until next week...