Back in the June of 2003, the then revamped A Third Foot crew - consisting of "Ozzy Ben" Blake, Bob Sanderson, Damon Levanthal, Rich Lewis, Joe Gavin, Tom Brown, Ted Moyle and a fresh faced Kris Vile - decided to head out on a UK jaunt, taking in stops at Bristol, Bolton, Milton Keynes, Cardiff and anywhere else that took their fancy along the way.

The rabble were joined on their excursion by Manchester bred film-maker Stu Bentley, who turned the ensuing 8 days worth of footage into a hard to find banger of a tour video entitled "The Amazing A Third Foot Tour".

Anyway, as you'll know if you received this mornings Sunday Service newsletter, we've managed to come into an almost pristine copy of the seven and a half minute VHS, so decided to transfer the whole thing onto a hard-drive, then uploaded it for the rest of the world to see!

Get stuck in below as "The Amazing A Third Foot Tour" makes its long overdue online debut - plenty of rare footage awaits...

"The Amazing A Third Foot Tour" (2003) >>