From South Woodham Ferrers to the wider world - over the course of the last decade and a half, Neil Smith has taken his springy Essex legs on a global tour of skateboard debauchery, leaving his mark on infamous spots in more cities that you could be bothered to count.

This morning we head back to 2010, when Smithy hammered home a packed out section for the final Dan Magee crafted Blueprint Skateboards release 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue'. With footage from all over the UK, Europe and Australia making an appearance across the course of the three minute section, it's fair to say that Smithy more than put the work in for this one, being elevated back to pro status a short while after. A youthful Tom Knox - who had only just joined the Blueprint ranks - also puts in a quick London based cameo too.

Whack the play button now and dive right in...!