With a view to at least vaguely attempting to keep our weekly Sunday Service news-related, we figured that in light of Mike Arnold's recent (ish) move from Skateboard Cafe to Isle Skateboards, and the even more recent unveiling of his premier pro model for said brand, that it made sense to remind you all of his High Tide video series.

Filmed and edited by Mike back in 2015, High Tide was a loose idea based around his friends in Bristol and aimed at giving him a platform to release some long-form Instagram style content back before Insta switched up and allowed video uploads longer than their original 15 second format.

They seemed to go down well at the time, and given Mike's subsequent ascension to global skate stardom in the years that followed, it made sense to re-post these together in one place for all of you who might have missed them the first time around.

Anyhow, that's enough context - hopefully today is sunny and this Sunday Service can provide you with some inspiration to get out there and blast around your local streets.

Cover photo: Reece Leung

Episode 1 - Mike Arnold - High Tide - Bristol

Lloyds heavy and featuring the likes of Harry Ogilvie, Ali Rabnif, Ben Minors, Ollie Lock, Manhead and Jersey Ryan.

Episode 2 - Mike Arnold - High Tide - Paris

Footage collected during a Skateboard Cafe & friends trip to Paris with Harry Ogilvie, Jamie Platt, Reece Leung and Phil Parker.

Episode 3 - Mike Arnold - High Tide

Back to Bristol for more Lloyds with Dave Snaddon, Ollie Lock, Josh Arnott, George Hill, Lewis Newman and Harry Ogilvie.

Episode 4 - Mike Arnold - High Tide - Dubai

Random Dubai footage (filmed by Karim Sami) mixed in with more Bristol localism.

Episode 5 - Mike Arnold - High Tide

No complies, body varials and ancient architecture with the crew.

Sadly, episode 6 - High Tide Barca has been blocked by YouTube for copyright reasons so, unless you're behind 47 proxies, we'll have to miss that one out.

Episode 7 - Mike Arnold - High Tide - Lloyds

A love letter to Mike's beloved Lloyds with Armon Dabir, Ollie Lock, Josh Arnott, George Hill and Korahn Gayle.

Episode 8 - Mike Arnold - High Tide - Paris revisited

The eighth and final episode saw Matlock Bennett-Jones, Ollie Lock, Remy Taveira, Tyrone O'Hanrahan, Vincent Touzery and James Cruickshank cruising around the now ubiquitous Place de la République.