Here's the second episode of Welsh filmer and current global running maniac Matthew 'Dykey' Ryan's Skate Crates.

Skate Crates - Pritchard vs Dainton Episode 2 features more raw footage from the filming of the video which laid the foundations for the Dirty Sanchez TV franchise, as well as containing banging skate footage of every variety from some of the top skaters in the UK back in 2001.

Episode 2 of Dykey's Skate Crates features the likes of Ali Cairns, Matt Pritchard, Pancho, Chris Gibbons, Welsh Tommy, Matt Davies and numerous other luminaries from the turn-of-the-millennium UK skateboard scene.

Sit back and enjoy a walk through Dykey's DV archives.

Hit the link here to watch Episode 1 of Dykey's Skate Crates and here for all previous Skate Crates episodes.