Jake Martinelli has started uploading his 2014 video 'Rugged Raw' onto that thing most people struggle to go 5 minutes without, I think they call it the internet?

Either way the video is rad as fuck, so click through to see each individual part gradually get uploaded into this post.

Props to all involved!

Dan Adler flowing on your screen!

Box of toys, the firm, da lads. Whatvere you want to call them, they ahve it in this montage!

Jon Readwin sex bombs into your heart!

Milk Skateboards' Sam Hayter opens up the variety pack in this part.

The city of smog has it's backdoors kicked in and painted white on the way out.

Heading over to the East coast of America see's a few of the beef patty boys handling it.

It seems anything Harry can do down a ridiculous amount of stairs, he can also do over said stairs handrail. NUTTAH!

Holding it down with his family and still being able to whip out a full part, Tommy knows what's up!

Capture the world!

All manner of rad feature in this, feeling the spots Adam skates.

Rockstars smashing it from every angle!

Josh winning life!

2 songs andf last part, Paul Storey rips!