Welcome to episode 2 of Rehash, a new feature where we loot the VHS archives to come up with re-edits of UK skateboarding legends whose output may have passed many of you by if you can't remember a time before the Internet.

We make no bones about this being our idea however, the Manolo Tapes project undeniably started it all and many others have followed in his wake since, so we decided to throw our hat into the ring as an excuse to celebrate some of the UK's best using footage from the now almost wholly obsolete VHS era.

Episode 2 of Rehash features three minutes of Howard Cooke footage spanning 25 years, culled from various sources (see end credits for a list) and re-edited into a short part to remind you all of why Howard is now, and always will be, one of the most raw and out of control-in control UK skateboarders of all time.

Enjoy rapid dog push...

Re-edit by Josh Hallett

Music: 'Bitter Seed' by Sheer Attack

Peep episode one featuring Mike Manzoori here if you missed it.