Alex Appleby comes through with the goods in 'Please Shirley Anything But Burley', twenty minutes of Leeds scene business dedicated to Will Appleby and kicking off with 2015's Skate for Will before heading out to various locations across the country (and Copenhagen) - this one comes guaranteed to have you reaching for the shred sled and heading out the door after watching, DIY spots, hill bombs, night skating and alleyway cellar door sessions amongst other things!

RWTB-flavoured hype comes from the likes of Jambul, Rory McKenzie, Joe Howard, Blinky, James Foster, Lee Rozee, Jono Coote, Jordan Kaye, Vaughan Jones, Guy Jones, Alex Appleby, Reece Leung, Vince Orr, Dave Walker, Garry Giomarelli, Lewis Threadgold and many more. If you want more, check out Alex's previous video Snyde Park and the Curse of Brudenell Road.