Paul VX Scottish Skate Crates Ep 2

Episode 2 of Paul 'Paul VX' McConnach's Scottish Skate Crates is ready for your eyes featuring Danny Jack, Tom Shimmin, Owen Hopkins and Paul Silvester in the streets of Glasgow and Mark Murray, Adam Paris and more tearing up various concrete parks around Scotland.

"The first section is from a two day filming mission with Danny Jack, Owen Hopkins, Paul Silvester and Tom Shimmin. Danny Jack used to live in Edinburgh and we went out filming quite a lot around then. This day was especially successful as Owen had come up form Bristol to visit and shoot some photos with Graham Tait. The second transition section is from various sessions around some of Scotland's smoothest and roughest skateparks. I'd spent a good bit of time filming with Adam Paris then. Beers after the skate are a must but how about some Rabbie Burns recitals?"