In 2004, artist Dave Dixon and filmer Adam Mondon created The Harmony Skateboards from the deep dark depths of Essex, England. Shortly after its inauguration The Harmony released their first full length visual ‘Once Upon A Time’.

2007 saw the release of The Harmony’s second skateboarding film ‘Wolfstadt’ which featured the addition of Tony da Silva to the amateur team. Ali Drummond was then added to the team in the lead up to The Harmony’s now classic British skateboarding film, ‘River’s Edge’. After its release in 2009 original member of The Harmony, Jak Pietryga, was turned pro.

2012 saw long time British skateboarding legend Tony da Silva turn professional for The Harmony Skateboards along with the addition of long time underground destroyer, Dom Henry, to the amateur team. More recently in August of 2013 ex Supernaut rider Will Harmon officially joined the operation.

Peace and Love to everybody who has been part of crafting the identity of The Harmony past and present.

The Harmony Skateboards final team stood:

Jak Pietryga, Tony da Silva, Dom Henry, Will Harmon, Ali Drummond and Jeremy Jones.

Featuring Danijel Stankovic, Tom Harrison, Adam Howe, Jak Pietryga, Danny Jack, Eddie Belvedere, Veran Tull, Joe Gavin and Paul Silvester, 'Once Upon A Time' was the Harmony's first full length video and sets the tone of the company magnificently.

The chapter layout seemed less orthodox splicing parts to team montages in the same area giving a nice collective feel to the team, who clearly spent time together. Rad!

Filmed at the same time and to gain footage for 'Once Upon A Time', the Peace, Love and Booze tour features a variety of UK parks getting shut down and features the same line up as the previous video and also hosts a rather banging soundtrack, so have that!

Wolfstadt; the second Harmony full-lengther is a banger. As is to be expected, everything's on point, but Jamie Bolland's part is particularly rad in this! Tony Da Silva also has a solid introductory part joining Jak Pietryga, Danny Jack, Jamie Bolland, Joe Gavin, Jugga, Paul Silvester and Eddie Belvedere.

There's also a cheeky Pontus segment.

Owen Hopkins joins the operation, whilst Tom Harrison makes a return as a guest for Document's 2008 Big Push competition. They use that song before that shit TV show Glee ever happened as well, so have some of that!

Rivers Edge seemed to be more of an extended promo providing fresh footage which keeps you far from being bored. It also sees the addition of Tyrone O'Hanrahan and Ali Drummond, increasing the Mancunian take over and expanding the versatility of the team. Tres cool, tres cool!

Further Patti Smith appreciation as well as another promo, The Harmony put out on the regs!

The Harmony boys on a trip to Portugal, making use of those majestic looking ledges.

Embracing the Mancunian influx to the team ranks, the Harmony host an all you can rip jam at the Pumpcage in Manchester. Bring back the fro Ty!

This trip introduces Cornish powerhouse Pablo Aresu to the budding squad. Jed Coldwell was a guest on this trip and essentially got on the team but you'll have to read his haunts to find out why he didn't (http://sidewalkm.ag/jedcoldwellhaunts) haha! Funky technician Dom Henry was also a guest on this but he'd soon enough he'd be on the full shabang!

Worcester beast Vaughan Baker is introduced to the team making the company even stronger. Despite not being on the team long he still managed to smash it.

Banging soundtrack, a medley of footage from various Harmony heads as well as a Pumpcage jam. This promo is a definite winner!

One of the best dudes ever, Tony Da Silva gets his name on a board and couldn't have been more deserving. A top lad who does switch pretzels and switch front hurricanes? INSANE BRUV!

You simply can not fuck with this part from Reading native Dom Henry. Speed, style and a vast trick selection makes this a splendid watch.


The Harmonator joins the ranks injecting more raw street dopeness to the team.

jeremy jones

Jeremy Jones steezes himself onto the full team after taking it to the next level in Bosnia (see next post).

Essentially the last Harmony broadcast, which is a shame because this edit is so fucking good! James Cruikshank is introduced to the ranks whilst also filming with camera wizard Sean Lomax. Luka Pinto was also a stowaway on this trip which adds to the radness. Check the gallery from the trip here.


Only fond memories of The Harmony and who knows if it will return? Regardless maximum respect for their input into Skateboarding and we wish all the riders the best of luck at whatever new home they settle into. For more Harmony imagery, videos and info head here.

The Harmony - 2004 - 2014