NASS 2017 video highlights - Vert and Pro Park

With NASS 2017 closing up just under a week ago, here are our video highlights from the Vert and Pro Park contests courtesy of venerable lens man Mike 'Tidy Mike' Pearson.

Peep the two NASS 2017 video highlights below, then go check out our NASS 2017 photo gallery and Welcome Skateboards demo clip. Roll on 2018!

Here's our NASS 2017 Vert highlights clip featuring Trevor Johnson, Alessandro Mazzara, Beaver Fleming, Jeromy Green, Sky Brown, Matty Carlisle, Chris Hudson, Jesse Thomas, Clay Kreiner, Austin Poynter and Gabriel Machado.

Film/edit by Mike Pearson

Here's our highlights clip from NASS 2017 Pro Park contest.

Featuring: Joe Hinson, Dannie Carlsen, Sam Pulley, Manny Lopez, Issac Miller, Jeromy Green, Ross McGouran, Jordan Sharkey, Charlie Munro, Dakota Hunt, Danny Leon, Daryl Dominguez and Alex Decunha.

Film/edit by Mike Pearson.

Bonus Footage