One of the UK's most underrated skateboarders, Mark Channer's massive bag of tricks and ability to skate the most awkward of spots would see him come into his own amongst the landscape of London's less than perfect terrain. Mark was one of only a few British street skaters to come up through the TLB era of R.A.D. magazine and then continue killing it through the nineties and into the new millennium. For those of you unaware of Channer - peep his archive footage and photos here and bear witness to one of the UK's greatest unsung rippers.

Above photo: Wig Worland

This is the friends section from the independent video Bubblegum Weekend created by Channer, Fraser Hamilton and Mike Manzoori, giving a solid look at what was going on in the South of England skateboard-wise at this point in history. Footage grainier than a farmer's field make it a challenge to tell who is who, but shit is going off! Everyone kills it but no-one can quite step up to the mongo-pushing copper in terms of outright steez.

When talking about UK skateboarding in the 90s, it most likely won't be long before someone mentions Mike Manzoori's legendary independent video Sound and Vision - released on VHS in 1994. 40 minutes worth of a wide range of heads in UK skateboarding at the time is always going to bring on the hype! Alongside a line up of many of the UK's best, footage from various comps at the time captures visiting American pro skaters getting stuck in as well. Channer's line at Harrow would reappear a couple of years later in Gullwing's last video Revival.

In this final video from the original incarnation of Gullwing Trucks, Channer shares a UK section with Mike Manzoori, Geoff Rowley and Ali Cairns. If that line up hasn't had you stop reading and pressing play already, what's wrong with you?

A young Channer throws down a beast of a line at Harrow, another corker at Southbank and a couple of indoor hammers in between.

This Wheels of Fortune from an early 411VM sees Channer getting tech at Kennington Bowl, Southbank and a wooden indoor set up (half cab heel on a quarter made to look ridiculously easy), before a full pelt fakie heelflip down a solidly lengthy stair set...short and sweet, but still with plenty of time to showcase a beefy pop and solid style.

High speed aggro pushing kicks off Channer's section in the legendary Playing Fields video and slowing down isn't an option - whether it be for rails, lengthy runs in London streets or one of the most solid wallrides in the game.

This was the period when the Channer destruction machine was in full flow; with the mild-mannered Mark attacking London's street spots, treacherous ride on grinds, wallrides and pole jams, alongside hefty stair assaults and handrail ripping. The man was on a mission to find anything even slightly skateable in the capital and shred the shit out of it!

Channer continued knocking out London bangers like they had glass jaws in his section from the 7th Puzzle video magazine, with the tricks at Euston bank being a particular highlight!

A rare treat here in the form of the 1999 documentary No War for Heavy Metal; put together by Alan Glass, John Cattle and Tom Moore as part of the Channel 4 show The Other Side. A week long tour ending at one of the legendary Radlands comps - with Channer alongside a van of rippers having it around various UK indoor skateparks and drinking establishments - this is the perfect watch to gain a sense of what it was like skateboarding in the UK before Street League and weed socks. "I just don't wanna collide with a biker...they've got more arms than I have".

Before the internet ruled supreme and before Barcelona's police force soured on skateboarding, a group of skateboarders headed to the Spanish shred-mecca to film and edit for Saturday morning TV show RAD which ran from the late 90s to early 2000s. Take a look into the past and to a simpler time, when Barca was still skating's Shangri-La and pigtailed shredders could cruise the city in peace. Channer's footage is sick throughout (as is everyones), the switch ollie over a bench at the start of the Sants line is raw!

I've already briefly covered how stoked I am on this section in a previous post and I'll reiterate that now; a killer Velvet Underground track, tricks stomped with authority all over London and the final trick at Euston makes this a must see for anyone wanting some hype to skate our grey and haggard streets. Skateboarding how it should look!


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Bartok


Photo: Wig Worland


Photo: Wig Worland