fakie tre photo wig

Seeing people doing lines can be a lot more rewarding than quickfire edited single tricks; giving a more solid sense of the skater's style and, if done right, capturing the cruising feeling which shoots endorphins into your blood stream as you leave the front door and step onto a board. After last weeks Mark Channer footage feast, here's a re-up of ten lines we felt adequately captured his high powered shredding.

Above photo: Wig

Channer gets into the zone at Harrow, that zone where you can't help but land every trick you try - no matter if those tricks include a backside 360 kickflip and a cab kickflip over the pyramid hip, a few casually cruised flatground tricks and a kickflip down the grass gap, it all gets landed with the authority of someone much older and bigger!

Not much sums up this island's skateboarding culture so quintessentially as grey, leaden skies and a car park flat bar set up. An aggressively stomped noseslide, tre flip and crook to fakie are banged out in quick succession.

Another one from the classic Playing Fields, capturing the vibe of skating through London in only two tricks. A front lipslide down a long four set and a few pushes across the road to bell bollard wallie, narrowly avoiding traffic, leaves you in no doubt where in the world it is filmed.

Channer kickflips into a mental looking ditch spot before carving into a bank and letting loose a wallride out the side to flat. Its probably worth mentioning that the 'bank' is basically a wall in itself, but a locked down wallride takes care of that!

Another killer line from Unapromo! This one sees Mark leaving London for Liverpool's cobbled confines to pop a full speed ollie over a chain and off a drop, push like a mad bastard past some eye catching architecture and chuck a backside 180 down a marble double set.

Heelflips are one of those tricks that can look awesome, but for many are prone to mobbing and worm burning. Mark has the technique dialled - popped, levelled and slightly angry looking - and throws one down some stairs here before a noseslide nollie biggie out down some more stairs, sick!

Starting at 0:42, Mark takes his transition legs for a walk all over Kirkby's whippy concrete quarterpipes. Technical tricks, done at high speeds and properly powered through, on one of the raddest transitions the Midlands has to offer? Go on then.

This line at from Headcleaner sees Channer take to the lesser seen upper levels of Southbank - lesser seen because the rough ground will rip you a new arsehole if you slam, putting the majority off. You definitely wouldn't find many chucking a mach ten tre flip down the three before boardsliding the chunky granite phallus!

A turbo speed nollie backside flip is always a welcome sight, but its the swerve on the roll away from the fakie flip down stairs that makes this clip so rad!

The Vicky benches are a prime example of a spot that was a lot harder to skate in real life than it looks on film - and they don't exactly look small on film. This was no problem for a solid pop, taken here up to back lip, then to frontside nosegrind, topped off with a cheeky bin ride. All done at 300 miles an hour!