Madchester Mondays Season ender.

Big up to Joe Gavin and all the related MCR heads for coming through with these clips.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Madchester Mondays content soon.

We'll let Joe give you the heads up on this final episode:

"Jay Stone and friends finish off Season 1 with a full part of Mancunian power. Proud to show this one; I've been skating with Jay since he was a small child. One of the days we skated together he filmed 11 tricks which I thought was pretty impressive so we went out maybe 6/7 more times and then he had a part: not bad.

Check back in a few weeks for the full "Madchester Mondays" vid and mini zine release. Been a pleasure doing these hope you've enjoyed em! Skulls Por Vida!"

Hit the link here for all previous episodes of Madchester Mondays.

Madchester Mondays Episode 11 Jay Stone from Joe Gavin Film on Vimeo.