If you enjoyed last weeks gnar-fest that was the John Rattray Footage Feast, kick back for awhile and enjoy round 2 here in condensed form - ten of the best Rattray lines we could dig out and dust off.

Above photo: Jon Coulthard

A knee-crunching kickflip freefall leads to a back lip on the chalky ledges at an O.G. London spot.

It wouldn't be right to not include any Livi in this post - here's John hitting the halfpipe with a front tail leading to a back noseblunt stomped with piss taking ease.

Haggard hills and powerslides are the perfect start to the Rattray's section in First Broadcast, which doesn't slow down from then on in.

A switch backside 180 is snatched from the jaws of a wall splat and over a handrail, in a journey ending in a frontside lipslide down the following rail.

Not many could make two ollies with a foot drag in between look good...going at 300 miles an hour on a gnarly hill helps.

Many people committed lines to film at the Shell Centre while it was around, but not many were as solid and technical as this.

A strong creative urge lies behind this high speed nollie tre, leaving little time for foot adjustment before a frontside 180 stalefish grab down the big MACBA four.

A kickflip over a road gap, the fastest you'll be likely to see a no comply shifty performed, then a full pelt crooked grind down a lengthy hubba - an aesthetically pleasing hit of gnarliness.

Blurring the lines between street and transition, Rattray hits a bonkers looking coastal spot.

Another rugged coastal spot gets a seeing too, this one starting off with an early grab worthy of our best pre-grabs post. The downhill frontside wallride and subsequent nosepick give the viewer plenty of time to appreciate the spot's weather-beaten roughness, as well as Rattray's board control at mach ten, and rounds off this article nicely.