howard fs grind cj

After last weeks dose of high speed savagery courtesy of our Howard Cooke Footage Feast, chase off any gnar-withdrawal with a batch of ten lines demonstrating how to fit in an extra push or pump on absolutely through to get stuck in!

Above photo: Chris Johnson

Once those marsupial balls ascend then the carnage is on, starting with a mach ten blast around an Aussie skatepark which is bound to bring on a bout of shred-envy if you're looking out at a grey, rain-swept London like I am...

H attacks a gnarly looking keyhole bowl with a frontside air over the channel and a sweeper set to maximum danger levels.

This one's mostly an excuse to see a well floated, solidly caught heelflip as another skatepark gets hit hard.

A full charging, Misfits-powered miniramp line and lesson in how to boost a frontside air.

This is the skateboarding equivalent of giving a teenager 20 packets of sweets and 5 coffees, high speed hyperactivity.

Picture the speed required for this frontside ollie, then picture trying to land a heelflip on flat at that speed straight afterwards...

Heelflip, nosegrind, tailslide fakie - simplicity times speed is a winning combination every time!

A hillbomb, a ride on grind and the narrow avoidance of death at the bottom make this line a classic.

Opposing pole jams are a rarely seen sight, as well as a boss way to bookmark a line.

A short, sharp, mach ten bowl line including timeless frontside grind and back tail shapes seems like a good way to close this post, summing up the essence of speed and gnarliness that these clips are meant to. Get hyped and go skate!