Last week, we gave you as much Fred Gall footage as you could cram into your eyeballs. Now here's the streamlined version; ten lines which in our eyes sum up the East Coast all terrain powerhouse.

Gall cruises through a Philly plaza with a steeze that looks as comfortable switch as it does regular - he would continue on to take switchstance skateboarding to both techer and gnarlier places, but even with a couple of ollies he shows here why he was at the forefront of going backwards.

If you're gunna skate to Sabbath, you better have the balls to back that shit up. Freddy's got no problems with that, taking a high speed line through an undercover spot which includes a kinked handrail and a handrail ollie into banked wall.

It wouldn't feel like the East Coast if someone wasn't skating through traffic! Weaving in and out of cars on a crusty street and throwing in a tre and a nollie backside flip, with a high speed uphill crooked grind to top it all off.

Gimme danger little stranger! This high speed downhill run with a near collision at the end is guaranteed to get your palms sweating...filmer props are definitely due.

Gall's first line in Photosynthesis is definitely an attention grabber; high speed, high pop ollie into a bank running down the side of a long stair set, a nollie half cab, then a switch frontside 180 5-0 down a handrail...looking dead chilled for someone going that fast as well.

A back 360 on an abandoned street and a wallride on a boarded up building; Gall shredding the haggard corpse of the Horatio Alger myth.

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I could watch the switch frontside 180 over the bin and into the bank all day long, steeeez!

One of the joys of East Coast footage is how similar some of the spots look to the haggard crust prevalent on our shores - these banks look not only fun as fuck, but also like they might be round the back of a village supermarket in Somerset.

A nice short blast of radness in a definite 'non-spot' the wall, into the bank and straight into a wallride fakie on the pillar opposite in a tucked away courtyard.

A ditch sits in the middle of a tug of war between mother nature and 'crete hungry DIYers; Gall finds himself right in the midst with a few long grinds and slides.

What better way to finish this than with a line at a New Jersey DIY spot? Freddy front pivots then back lip reverts among the crack vials and needles, scum league represent!