frank stephens piv horsley

After last week's Franklin Stephens Footage Feast, check out the condensed version here as we look at ten of his best lines - raw street radness awaits over the next few pages...

Above photo: Andy Horsley

Frank backside 180s down some stairs and out of the clutches of looming security before frontside half cab flipping into the safe anonymity of the city.

A switch mission through the Shell Centre's lesser seen side sees a switch front tail and fakie tre leading to a gnarly fakie ollie nosegrind.

A frontside 180 over a bollard, switch backside flip and 50-50 backside 180 out are cruised down a crusty UK back street.

Frank's legs suck up an ollie down a gap that will have your knees cringing, before quickly setting up for a tre flip down some...

Always good to see a well executed varial flip, especially one that leads to a high speed frontside noseblunt like this one does!

A high speed night mission sees a wallie, backside flip and then a switch backside flip down stairs for a short sharp dose of rad!

Straight up filmer hammers here, as we see Frank half cab flip in the reflection on the marble upon which the handrail he is about to backside 50-50 is mounted.

The essence of UK skateboarding, as Frank frontside 180s a stair set before switch nosesliding a wooden ledge angled off a drop in what is clearly the arse end of midlands' countryside nowhere. Up the rurals!

The Victorians descended upon seaside towns in their droves, believing the sea air to be good for their health. To our knowledge not one of them considered ollieing over a handrail and into a bank, which is why I'm backing Frank over the Victorians any day.

Ever tried to skate a felled tree before? Frank takes on a lesser seen obstacle at a wasteland DIY spot.