The right honourable CJ and I took a day trip over to Christian ‘Pirateman’ Hart’s amazing Spit & Sawdust skatepark in Cardiff at the weekend to catch the UK premiere of the new Fancy Lad video, and to hook up with all the Welsh lads.

The results are below.

Big up skater-run madness…


Dog turned up towards the end of the session but got stuck straight in with customary gnome super-pop. This kickflip was massive and complemented his on-trend wavy long sleeve perfectly. “Anyone wanna buy any speakers?"


Gut Soldier is back on form and was tearing the whole place a new one until a mega shinner took him down.


Classic Jake form here: full speed, lengthy grind, perfectly popped out. #edsgone


Mike ‘Tidy Mike’ Pearson’s son was so unimpressed with Jake’s boneless to grind that he turned his back on him. “But Dad, he’s using his hands, that’s not wavy…"


Outfit! Golden Egg maniac and Fancy Lad UK rider Jesse James came equipped with a drone on his hat and madness in his mind. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone do a completely new trick in front of me: Jesse did 3 in the space of 5 minutes. Hail Eris!


The last time I saw Beanhead I was heavily medicated and spent a week asleep in the back of his car. Happily I’m no longer insane but Beanhead still rips. There was a lot that could’ve gone wrong with this one but thankfully he escaped shin destruction and rode away happy.


As we say this obstacle got a right seeing to.


My man knows how to rock the Desert Storm kit. Big boosted boneless inches away from CJ’s fragile skull.


Pulley can be relied on to churn out bangers on whatever obstacle you point him at. He also rides an unconventional non-popsicle board but doesn’t need to make a big deal out of it like he’s just reinvented the wheel. This transfer was performed fives times in a row, each time higher than the last. Carving wicked as usual.


This back wall combo piece received a heavy booting from the Newport lads. Pulley’s wallride crooks started the ball rolling…


No, it’s not a “switch 5.0" if he goes in forwards.


This took a while but there’s a fair bit going on so we can let him off. Check the footage – Pulley made this look piss-easy, which it most certainly isn’t.


Read last description but louder.


Such a good obstacle this and a great way to incorporate the pre-existing metal shell of the warehouse unit into the park lay out.


Mild-mannered Bob Dylan doppelganger Tom Bailey channeled his inner-Groholski and smeared hurricanes all over the bank to ledge.


Mackey once described ex-East rider Welsh Tommy as “hands-down the most tech skater in the UK". He was right. You can also add “the most consistent tech skater in the UK" to that description as well. Full-length switch backside nosegrind revert, every single go.


“Can you do another switch back tail Chris?" Yeah, how many do you want?

Go watch the clip; this guy is on another level.