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Dreadlocks are many things to many people – whether that is a visible manifestation of Rastafarian beliefs, a fashion statement or just the end result of unwashed hair. Skateboarding attracts those who follow a path less travelled, so it is no surprise that there are more than a few dreaded riders within skateboarding’s professional ranks. Whether the thought of having that much weight on your head in the heat of summer has you cringing or reaching for the rastacap, there is no denying that seeing a well-shot skate photo with dreadlocks flying can look incredible. Here are some of the finest dreaded skaters to grace professional skateboarding.

Reason was one of those skaters whose sections would make you want to go out and skate, with a timeless style and trick selection and that East Coast ability to skate a haggard spot like it was fresh marble - the spot at 0:50 would not be out of place in the centre of Bradford. The kind of skater who would clearly rather go faster than bring wax, it seemed fitting to kick off this post with his classic 411 profile. RIP.

Photo from chromeballincident

A perennial favourite both pre and post dread, with an instantly recognisable loose-trucked and fluid style which marks him out as one of skateboarding's true originals.

Photo from chromeballincident

Constantly looking stoked and with a seemingly endless bag of tricks, O.G. Bay Area skater Karl Watson's section from 2010's LRG video shows no signs of him slowing down. Legit beast!


Photo from chromeballincident

One of the more enigmatic skaters in this post who has gained some coverage recently due to his connections with Paradise Wheels and Magenta Skateboards...probably best explained by a quote lifted from his recent Magenta interview when asked about his own skating; 'I pull upon the same principles one would when mastering one of the four elements of Hiphop, or all the elements of Hiphop. You gotta be fresh, you gotta be original, you got to have style and Don't bite.'


Photo from Slap Magazine

When Alva was at his peak with the Z-Boys, his hair was a puffed out shampoo advertisers dream. These days he has streamlined those curls into neat, efficient locks, as can be seen below.


Photo from Creative Commons Image

Craig Johnson had the best pogo rock n rolls and fakie thrusters in the game, as well as some lengthy dreads which definitely fall into the crustier side of this list but leave him eligible nonetheless. Don't mess with Texas!


Photo from Embassy Skateboards

Craig Johnson backside ollie

Photo from

An underrated ATV shredder who seems to have disappeared from radar in recent years. From wild backside bonelesses to obscure flip/manual variations, Neves is on one in this section!

Image from Transworld Skateboarding

Another brother lost too soon, Lewis Marnell was one of the best of skateboarding's new breed; a much-travelled Rastafarian with a ridiculously smooth control of his skateboard. He was one of those people who could make mind-bendingly hard tricks look easy without ever seeming robotic, demonstrated by the Firing Line above and the frontside flip catch below! RIP.

Photo from chromeballincident

One of those skaters who can look uber-relaxed in the middle of the most technical line or throwing himself down stairs and rails, Adelmo Jr. is clearly one of those naturally gifted skaters with ridiculous board control. Whether it is doing stupidly hard inward heel revert variations or making a simple trick look good - watch this section then go out and practice those varial flips! - the man has clearly got a connection with the plank of wood under his feet. This is a pretty damn interesting watch as well!

Adelmo Jr frontside shuvit

Photo from The Skateboard Mag

Long time ripper Matt Pailes seemed like a good person to close this post with, the dude is still skating as well as making reggae tunes - basically all round having it! He might be Sacto based but that East Coast style still shines through - watch his above 411 'Roomies' clip with Matt Rodriguez, then check out Think - Damage for some all-time classic shredding!

Photo from Creation Skateboards