"Dean is one of the most naturally gifted skaters I have ever known, yet also one of the most humble, and easy going people that I know.

He filmed his part literally right at the last minute, and yet the footage is… well, watch it and you decide. I remember I kept saying to Nicolson over and over like a demented parrot as he showed me Deans footage "This guy was truly born to skate".

This section marks Dean turning pro. And I have to say that it is an honour to put out Dean Palmer pro models out on Death.

I can't thank everyone involved in making this video happen enough. You know who you are. I'm beyond stoked on it and what everyone put into it.

Also massive thanks to the stores that stock our stuff and to whoever buys Death and other skater owned companies products.

Huge props to Monster Energy for the support and helping us turns dreams into reality." - Nick Zorlac.