"A while back now, Matt sent some truly incredible sponsor me footage.

No one who watched it could quite believe it. The team was beyond full but f**k it, skateboarding is about breaking rules not making them and he had to be on.

What's mad is that you can see he is heavily influenced by Richie and Patrick's sections from the last DVD, but he also brings his own twist to the proceedings. Much appreciated it is too.

I kept Matt and his section a secret until the premiere. And as the deadline was constantly extended he was probably wondering what was going on.

But then the day finally arrived and thanks to Monster Energy he was suddenly on a plane bound for Harrow and the Trinity 'Ordinary Madness' premiere... I don't think he could quit believe it. Trial by fire, haha. Perfect night to meet most of the team!

Welcome to Death, Mr Pennington!" - Nick Zorlac