This one would have been easy to let sprawl for far longer than it has; Cancer Dan has been on an all terrain mission since the mid 90s, regularly putting out clips and sections for various projects while fuelled by coffee, booze, cigarettes and a seemingly endless willingness to get in the van. As such, the hardest thing when putting this together was keeping it to a size that people would actually want to click through.

Going from one of the best companies of the 90s to one of the best of this millennium means a surplus of rad footage, augmented by various shoe, clothing and magazine video parts all displaying that unmistakeable blend of transition destruction (miniramp, pool or vert) and SF-bred street rawness. Any Dan Drehobl footage is enough to make you grab your board and go skate so here's a Footage Feast covering some of our favourite moments, enjoy!

Above photo courtesy of Chromeballincident

SF trained legs handle everything in their path including high speed hill bomb ollies, sketchy vert ramps and concrete curves...even a hint of ledge techery makes an appearance. A similarly timed promo has also made its way online, with his and Wade Speyer's section found here.

Think Skateboards' Damage is a rightly hailed classic, still standing the test of time almost 20 years on. Watch Drehobl smashing it to the Dead Kennedys then if you haven't seen it click here to watch the whole shabang before your life takes any more wrong turns!

Drehobl + Phil Shao + Adolescents = immediate skate hype.

Complete ATV attack on on a wide selection of skateparks and SF street spots. The frontside 50-50 transfer at 1:20 is insane, while the opening clip was taken from an incredible cheese-fest covering the Ramp Rage 96 jam in Montreal which can be found by clicking here.

Horrible slams? Check. The legendary Vagabond Pool? Check. Wesley Willis singing an ode to the Chicken Cow? Obviously. "It can rip your head off, it can fly as high as a bird, it can bite your face" are lyrics which describe this section better than I ever could.

If Thrasher Magazine was a bar, Drehobl would be the ruffled barfly waiting patiently outside the front door at five minutes before opening time every morning. A small amount of footage in 1996's Hitting the Streets was the precursor to his welcome appearance in pretty much every Thrasher video since; a tradition started in Hall of Meat and continued in 2001's Go For Broke.

You'd have to be living under a tobacco-stained rock to have not clocked this one yet - kicking off with a bluegrass-fuelled session with Tony Trujillo at Jim's Ramp before crusty spots, ridiculous hip transfers and the lesser seen 'Fall Guy' (frontside invert to fakie). The Zombies' soundtrack was at the time the most expensive song Transworld ever bought the rights too, for anyone cool enough to get off on obscure economic skate details.

Footplants, crusty banks and a sizeable stalefish transfer are accompanied beautifully by the Angry Samoans for a short sharp dose of skateboarding excitement.

Not much better than a skater at whatever level who can take a good slam. Drehobl's chiller footage from P-Stone's Beer series is still gnarlier than watching the newest cross-training handrail sensation.

Blurring the lines between transition and wallride in the steeziest manner possible, Drehobl rides through kinks that most wouldn't. This was continued in Krooked's 2007 VHS project Gnar Gnar on a mellower tip.

Chalking up ten tricks on some of the most awkward obstacles he can find, this one might be brief but is undoubtedly gnarly enough for inclusion.

Vox Footwear's Black and Blue series must rank as some of the most underrated skate footage out there, holding down an incredible team with solid editing and music choices in a video magazine-type format. 60 Seconds with Dan Drehobl sees him smashing it to one of Hank III's better numbers.

Throwing Drehobl, Peter Watkins, Alex Horn, Frecks and Taylor Bingaman in a van and taking them around Oregon is a fairly solid recipe for gnarliness and this edit does not disappoint. After checking the first part above, here is part two:

Krooked's Manderson/Drehobl partnership win the first Double Rock Lockdown contest with wallbashes, extensions and some help from Cee-Lo Green...fuck you!

Windell's genuinely looks incredible, with it getting torn apart in this edit - not enough people skating to Slade, someone get on that shit in 2015!

Art, coffee and miniramps, as well as a frank discussion on his late-onset diabetes making for a genuinely interesting watch.

For those who dream of ditch spots this section is basically a bible, while between the banked culverts Drehobl takes the time to throw down a variety of miniramp tricks that no one else can do.

Drehobl, padless, on Jason Jessee's ramp, in the dark - all the convincing you should need on this one.

Pure Americana this one - put it on after listening to the Boss and watching Smokey and the Bandit, then start saving for a plane ticket! Well worth putting aside 25 minutes of your day for, although if you can't the killer bowl session at 14:20 is pretty Drehobl-heavy. This was followed by the promo for a reincarnated Freedumb Airlines, bringing us to the end of 2014 and this post and hopefully giving you enough material to get you out skating for at least a week. Enjoy a few pages of photos, then go hunting for an indoor mini while the sky tries to shit white stuff...


Photo: Leo Sharp


Photo: Leo Sharp


Photo: Leo Sharp


Photo courtesy of Chromeballincident.


Photo courtesy of Chromeballincident.


Photo courtesy of Chromeballincident.


Photo courtesy of Chromeballincident.


Dan Drehobl and Dave Chappelle, closing this post in style!