shipman fs air skeg

In our follow up to last weeks Carl Shipman Footage Feast, here are some flowing sequential tricks from his sections over the years. In the words of Tubbs, 'lines, and lines, and lines and lines and lines!'

Michael Jackson's dance moves have nothing on Shipman's fast footed miniramp prowess in this first line from the 1992 scene video Notts Landing. Ollies with a proper tail snap attached, grabs over the lowered spine and a stomped front noseblunt - there's nothing quite like a good long miniramp run to make you want to go out and skate!

An uber-relaxed looking demonstration of how to pop and float tricks as Shipman takes his board back and forth over some schoolyard brick walls via a switch frontside 180, kickflip, frontside flip then backside flip seemingly without breaking a sweat. Witness one of the best switch 180's in the game!

In case the previous Mike Carroll post didn't scratch your itch for Embarcadero footage, here's some more in the form of Shipman; a nollie tailslide, fast 360 flip and a few pushes to reach maximum speed for a frontside flip up the three, beast!

Another example of how good a switch frontside 180 can look when its done right starts this line off, before an ollie up/kickflip up to manny on a 90's mainstay that normally got hit as a ledge.

Shipman goes minimalist in a line which shows off style and pop with a long fakie manny, a switch frontside 180 then a hefty ollie over a bike railing; this was definitely found with a small towners eye for spots!

The pressure of filming on to 8mm can add to the challenge of a trick or line, with price issues meaning a limit on the number of attempts you'll get. Here Carl seems to feed off it, cruising in and out of the street at high speeds and still landing everything with apparent ease.

The droplets on the lens here show the UK weather fully living up to the hype as the legendary Broadmarsh Banks are navigated on a damp day via a tweaked tuck knee and a boosted front 180, both obviously stomped!

The shot before this line sums up the general public's attitude to skateboarding at the time more than anything else could, with the passing businessman in question torn between anger and utter bafflement. Cut straight to Shipman raging down the street like an unleashed doberman with a high speed kickflip, manual and hippy jump. This is the skateboarding equivalent of The Ramones - short, fast and primal.

Another full speed attack from Tincan Folklore, four ollies and a frontside 180 from bench over bin are all that is needed to boss it! When it comes down to it, those pushes would be enough really. Coventry!

Shipman's line at Shell Centre is the perfect summation of what made him stand out as, ignoring the six and seven sets and instead deciding to do a line up and down the three set - but obviously with 100 times more speed than every other human. The switch front shuv down the three at the end of the line is stomped with particular force!