andy scott scrambled egg cj

Following on from last week's Andy Scott footage binge, round two here focuses on single lines showing his seemingly unplanned path through ridiculously hard skateboarding. When someone can knock out airs, lip tricks and flip variations on a vert ramp without breaking a sweat it isn't easy to narrow down enough for a short post, but here are some of our favourites; Kickflip eggplants, pool ripping, miniramp tech and aerial radness await as you click through the next few pages...

Above photo: Chris Johnson

This one just looks rad because of the flow - back to back floated ollies over hips and from platforms into quarters at the old Bolton Bones miniramp set up, before an ollie one foot from low to high.

Back to the Bones ramp again for a short and sweet foray into the Daewon school of tech; frontside noseblunt nollie flip in, blunt flip and switch rock n roll, asleep at the wheel!

I may be going overboard with the Bones footage, but there was clearly a psychic connection going on between man and ramp. Here they share some romantically gnarly transfers and a passionate smith grind, a poignant scene with our foreknowledge of the parks eventual closure which would bring the romance to an abrupt close.

As the first strains of Cypress Hill's Dusty Springfield sample waft out of the speakers, an intro screen fades into an eggplant on the big vert corner at Burnley Bowl before Scotty cruises through a frontside air opposite and then a frontside lien 270 over the hip with considerably more ease than most could muster.

Marseille is notoriously a 'harder to skate than it looks' park, but Andy makes it look as easy as is possible - a smith grind on the looming vert extension before the spine gets hit hard with a frontside 360 and an axle stall fakie leads to a fakie pop newest deal on the way back over.

Back to Burnley for a frontside tailgrab, a pivot fakie way on the vert wall and a cab mute grab to seal the deal - the phrase 'laid back savageness' might be an oxymoron, but it most certainly fits here!

It would be amiss to post up a whole heap of Andy Scott lines without at least a few vertical bangers in the mix and it doesn't get much more banging than this! A varial 540, lien tail then a front tailslide front shuv all come together to tax physics - and the watcher's brain - almost to breaking point.

Scotty's section in the UK scene video Baghead Flats has plenty of vert and park radness throughout, kicked off by a flying eggplant where he seems to almost forget to put his arm down before gliding through some lofted airs.

Straight after the opening line we are returned to Blackpool vert ramp, only this time with a ridiculously gnarly looking extension shoved on top. A front smith above the clouds is insane, but a backside air and then returning for a back smith on the same sub box finishes off the two finger salute to Newton.

The frankly terrifying bowl at Prissick is treated to a back smith, frontside air over the hip and eggplant amongst other things; not many are willing to go near the fucking thing so it must have felt like Christmas for the concrete monstrosity!

This is rad for two reasons - the 'scrambled egg' or kickflip eggplant getting its second airing on film is one, while the fact that this time it is followed by a treacherous heelflip indy to fakie is and try to deconstruct the mechanics of THAT!

A return to Blackpool at the end of his Baghead Flats section sees Scotty return to the extension; putting a full stop on his earlier antics with a backside air on the opposite wall leading into a blunt fakie into the abyss, nutter! The flying caballerial afterwards is just as sick, flailing arms and high altitude rotations are always a good combination.

The two lines in the middle of this are next level and the fact that it was consigned to the internet pile makes you wonder what else he's been up to in the last couple of years. Stale slides, invert fakies, half cab blunts, front rock slides...the list of lip based madness goes on!

The weird and wonderful pool bowl at the DIY park in Mechelen can be mind boggling for non locals, with odd bumps and unexpected corners almost guaranteeing that you will need a few sessions to get the hang of it...unless you're Andy Scott, who breezes through all three pockets with a front tail, front smith and tweaked lien air.

A metal behemoth gets seen to with a back tail, invert and kickflip back D, uniting the vert tricks of the 70's and 90's with aesthetically pleasing results!

La Kantera's concrete curves are attacked from all corners by the Superdead team back in 2012, with Andy attacking the concrete vert ramp's channel with a pop over to back lip then coming back the other way with a front tail. The ramp is gnarly and so is Andy Scott, so between the two they finish off this article nicely!