Coming up hot on the tail of last week's Footage Feast with Alex Moul is a selection of ten banging lines which have hatched from his feet before being nurtured into the streets and onto stairs, miniramps and bank spots over the years.

Kicking in at around the two minute mark, a ridiculously long run on a backyard miniramp sees bigspin back D's, frontside ollie late shuvs and a frontside front foot impossible go down alongside much more as Alex goes off on one!

Rad, and partially silly, which makes it even radder! Drop in on a stone wall, ollie a plant pot, kickflip a board held at knee level by two friends, topped off with a nosebluntslide down a handrail replete with wild leg bend, there was never any doubt about this line making it in!

Another line at the same schoolyard spot as before, which I'm assuming no longer exists but looks fucking incredible! A split second nose manual, some flatground cruising and an ollie up four stairs leads to a front lip down the same handrail as in the previous clip.

I love how much this one evokes the vibe of classic suburban Americana, the kind that had us all dreaming of chucking tricks out of giant curb cuts when we were at school. A perfect example of said curb cut gets varial heeled out of into a potholed road before a lengthy and awkward boardslide to fakie on a high bar.

This is a nice, quick gnarly one, with a backside 180 down the first set of stairs leaving little time for setting up feet for the signature switch big heel. Stoked on the windmilling arms on the roll out too, its always good watching a skater cling on to a trick roll away for dear life!

Snaps on the heelflip start this line off right then a couple of pushes gets us to a kicker to picnic table set up, which Moul sails a kickflip late shuv over like it was nowt, savage! Fade out happens as he is still skating along chucking out tricks on flat and as the middle trick sinks in for the viewer.

This is another fast and gnarly two stair sets/two tricks line, included mostly because of how rad the kickflip pop and catch looks. It pretty much sums up a unique style, as does the unexpected choice of a nollie pop shuvit down the second set.

This ditch line is pretty much an excuse to see two of Moul's staple tricks done how they should be done at a sick looking ditch spot. A front foot impossible on a massive flatbank, slightly carved into and out of, is followed by a screeched powerslide to forwards and an impossible into the chute.

Another killer line at a classic Cali ditch spot, with a kickflip on the upper bank and then a nollie varial flip into the next. The front foot on the roll away offers a near death experience, but somehow equilibrium is restored for a high speed ride out.

This last line sees Moul cruising down the classic St Paul's long line of four and five sets at night, getting a place in this article as much for how it looks as the actual skating. Luckily the actual skating is good enough to stand up to the general aesthetic as Moul tears his way all the way to the bottom. One to watch before layering up on a Sunday night, grabbing yer board and hitting the city!