The Vans Shop Riot 2016 events have been going off across Europe this summer, drawing to a head in Portugal this weekend at the incredible looking Parque Das Gerações skatepark in Lisbon, Portugal. Click the flyer for the event page, drool over the overview of the park below that and scroll further still to take in the necessary details of the weekend's schedule. Coverage coming next week, keep an eye out as we imagine this one will go off!

Vans Shop Riot Finals
Vans Shop Riot park
Finalist Lineup:
Burnside, Holland
Lockwood, Belgium
Picnic, Czech Rep
Titus, Germany/Austria
Black Sheep, United Kingdom
Destroy, Russia
Bana, Portugal
Wall Street, France
Circus Circus, Denmark

Surfhouse, Estonia
Tactic, Spain
Gili’s, Israel
Ministry of Concrete, Greece
Frisco, Italy
Saturday 17th September
10:00 - Open Practice
15:00 - Best Trick
Sunday 18th September
11:00 - Open Practice
12:00 - Qualification Round 1
13.30 - Qualification Round 2
14:50 - Shop vs Shop KO / Quarter Finals
15:15 - Shop vs Shop KO / Semi Finals
15:30 - Shop vs Shop KO / Semi Finals
16:00 - Prize Giving