Southbank Reclaration Jam - Sept 23rd 11am - 6pm

As part of Long Live Southbank's ongoing mission to reclaim the Undercroft there will be a Jam at Southbank on Saturday September 23rd starting at 11am.

From 11 - 12.30 there is a free Skate School running held in association with LLSB and Brixton's Baddest.

From 1 - 3 there will be a Slalom event with a chance for anyone who wants to, to get involved in what was one of the first skateboarding activities to take place in The Undercroft back in the halcyon days of the 70's.

Following that from 3 - 6pm LLSB will be running a number of Best Trick events with tons of prizes on offer, plus Demo's from various heads who will be in attendance.

This event is all part of LLSB's mission to reclaim the original space that is currently boarded off - you can read more about the Unlocking the Undercroft campaign here.

All the info you need is on the flyer below - get involved!

Southbank Reclaration Jam - Sept 23rd 11am - 6pm