This September, Moosey Art gallery will play host to one of the most exciting and innovative exhibitions in alternative culture. ‘SKATEISM’ will collect together an eclectic range of skateboarding-inspired illustrations, sculptures, prints, photography and videography; in an event which will be the first of its kind in Norwich, UK.

Joel Benjamin

The roster of artists for this exhibition range from the most true-to-the-message skateboarding veterans, to local up and comers. With each caring about the promotion of the scene and culture of skateboarding. Across the board, every piece will attempt to reveal something about the growth and depth of skateboarding through history; the rebellious and turbulent youth, a defiant radical phenomena, an ebb and flow of iconoclastic, and seemingly conflicting creative destruction: Skateboarding. The artists included will be:

Ryan Ady Putra – Toy Machine, illustrator

Henry Boon – Artist based in Norwich

Joel Benjamin – Illustrator

Eloise Dorr – Illustrator

Ben Gore – Artist and Skateboarder from Norwich

Sam Avery – Artist, illustrator and owner of Drug Store

Jenna Selby – Rogue Skateboards and Photographer

Helena Long – Artist from Norwich

Kostas Mandilas – Film-maker based in Athens, Greece, present “The ATH Documentary".

Chrisos Simos – Graphic designer/Artist based in Athens, Greece.

Lucas Beaufort – Illustrator/Artist from Cannes, France.

Elliot Denman – Photographer from the UK

George Gray – Owner of Smuggler’s Skate Store

Callum Painter – Illustrator

Liam Painter – Illustrator

Anmar Mirza – Illustrator and painter/Owner of MRZA Clothing

Christian Ordonez – Artist/Graphic designer from Canada

Marcos Morales – Artist, collage-maker from Argentina

and many more…

Lucas Beaufort

The event will open on September 17th and run until October 3rd, with private viewings available upon request at Moosey Art. The opening night, in conjunction with the display of the pieces, will include a skate film reel, free refreshments provided by dedicated sponsors, a bar and an exciting give-away for the first few people through the door.

Moosey Art and will be working incredibly hard to make sure this event really makes a difference in Norwich and further afield, to skateboarding art and culture. However, if you would like to help the event succeed, then please donate any old skateboards (decks, wheels, trucks, bearings) to Moosey Art, by emailing or and arranging the donation. The more generosity we receive the better we can make the exhibition.

Moosey Art:

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