Nass Festival is rapidly approaching and we thought we'd induce some hype towards this renowned festival and mention some of the key things to watch out for.

Josh head Young has already given us his top 5 NASS moments. There's loads going on compressed into a small area. For example the park layout. We've posted a picture of the pro course that if you click you will be taken through to the other park layouts.

pro park

Next you might like to know which skateboarders will be attending. Well to name a few there's Greyson Fletcher, Kris Vile, Neil Smith, Ben Grove, Shuan Currie. You know what if you just click the image of Grove below you'll be taken through to an extensive list of riders who will be coming. There's a load of different nationalities and types of skater with profiles and that.

Ben Grove Nass

There's also loads of audio, visual entertainment going on. Loads of bands and artists including Cypress Hill! You can see who else is playing by clicking the image of the cypress hill boys below.


Here's the footage form last years finals and if you want any more information regarding NASS please click here for skate info and here for general info including buying tickets.

NASS 2013 - Skateboard Finals Highlights. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

If you're intending on staying the weekend, you'll have a great time camping in an area surrounding by people who's main intention is to have a good time. You'll be swept up into this mentality and find yourself enjoying each minute slightly more than the last. Enjoy and be safe!