Serious Sam Barrett and James The Fang 'The Dime Horseshoe' tour

Serious Sam Barrett and Pine Hill Haints frontman James the Fang will be hitting the road in the UK over the next few weeks, with a deep well of traditional numbers and their own songs of life, love, booze and skateboarding to draw from. This tour is off the back of their new album together The Dime Horseshoe, which we can't recommend enough - get it, listen to it whilst drinking whiskey, go to one of the dates below!

7th - Bloomfield Square, Otley

9th - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

10th - The Apple Tree, Clerkenwell for Come Down and Meet the Folks

11th - The Prince Albert, Brighton for Punker Bunker

13th - Leytonstone for What's Cookin

14th - Topic Folk Club at Gylde House, Bradford

15th - The Flying Duck, Ilkley

16th - The Adelphi, Preston

17th - The Blues Bar, Harrogate

20th - Barnsley Folk Club at the Trades Club