Sidewalk pal, Peterborough-turned Yorkshire lensman and front crook fancier Reece Leung has an exhibition taking place in Liverpool at the legendary Bold Street Coffee running from the 25th of Feb to 25th of March, with an opening night taking place from 7pm onwards on the 25th.

Reece's photos have been gracing our pages for some time now, if you need a push to go and visit then look no further than Denis Lynn's fucking bonkers roll in into Biarritz cobbled death below or check out his 2016 Photographers Stories which we uploaded this week...

Exhibition features Vaughan Jones, Denis Lynn, Daryl Dominguez, Jerome Campbell, Tom Tanner, Mark Baines, Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson, Matthew Nevitt, Matlok Bennett-Jones, George Worthington, Joshua 'Manhead' Young and Hiroki Muraoka.