The eleventh annual Plymouth Halloween Hammers in association with Prime Skatepark will take place on October 31st, kicking off at Plymouth Civic Centre at 18:30. Scroll past the flyer for more info, click on said flyer for even more info on top of that, watch the trailer and, once you've managed all of that, get yourselves down!


Halloween Hammers is a fabled skater run skate jam in Plymouth which started in 2007. Skateboarders get into their most ghoulish attire and compete across multiple battlegrounds to win the coveted golden Halloween Hammer trophy; a golden artefact hand forged by the creators of the event and passed down through generations. The victor of the event is chosen by previous winners, they receive the honour of having their name fused in gold onto this mysterious relic. The victor is allowed to bare the mystical heirloom until it is called upon again at the next Halloween Hammers. And of course there’s much more boring prizes up for grabs like skate hardware and clothing...

Last year marked the events tenth anniversary and the tradition is showing now signs of slowing down. Halloween Hammers 11 is set for October 31st 2017. The meeting point is Plymouth Civic Centre at 18:30.


2007- Derek Beer

2008- Kristien Harris

2009- Reece Douglas

2010- Kristien Harris

2011- Calvin Thomas

2012-The Police?

2013-Ben Higgins

2014- Harry King

2015 - Callum Lane

2016 - Ash Dixon

2017 - ???