Alongside the announcement that Welcome Skateboards will be hosting a demo at this year's event, the NASS 2017 Rider List sees a whole host more rippers from across the UK and the continent added to the list of those who will be there. Ingest the necessary details via the flyer and list below and click the flyer to get tickets from their website for the event which runs from the 6th until the 9th of July.



NASS VERT – Pro & Am. // NASS Pro Park – Pro & Am. // Women’s Park

Welcome Skateboards: Aaron Goure, Roman Pabich, Rick Fabro, Will Blaty, Jason Sallilas, Daniel Vargas, Ryan Lay, Ryan Townley, Alex Papke

Danny Leon / Clay Kreiner / Jocke Olsson / Danny Carlsen / Tomas Vintr / Jamie Mateu / Ewen Bower / Sam Pulley / Adam Keats / Alex Decuhna / Jordan Thackeray / Ben Grove / Kris Vile / Jeromy Green / Edi Damestoy / Paul-Luc Ronchetti / Jak Pietryga