Morgan Campbell's 'déjàglu' Three Cities exhibition will open in Paris (it's final stop) on November the 2nd at the Galerie Delicatessen. Peep the necessary details via the flyer and press release below and, if you can make it over the pond to see it, then we highly recommend doing so!


Morgan Campbell has been creating hand cut collages for over five years under the moniker deja glu. The material used for the pieces is only taken from vintage National Geographies. Morgan had two solo shows in 2015 and a joint show in May 2017 - with street photographer Casey Foley. Morgan's work has also been featured in collaborations with The 4 Skateboard Company (Aus), Magenta (France) and Butter Goods (Aus). Deja Glu - 'Three Cities' is compromised of solo shows in Melbourne, Glasgow and Paris. Melbourne opened Friday July 21st and Glasgow - Thursday August 3rd. Both shows opened to packed houses.

"As a youngster National Geographies were my only real window into the vast world that lay out there. Eventually I was given the chance to travel extensively and shortly after that The Internet rocked up. The combination qf these two factors immediately shrunk distances between countries and blurred differences between cultures. I like to delve back into these mags as they remind me qfa much larger, less fathomable planet." -MC