Skaterock legends JFA will be hitting the UK this August, offering the opportunity find out about Danny Sargent's Trucks and shout about being Preppy in a live setting (in between some skate tourism of course). Things kick off at the Underworld in Camden on the 4th before heading west to Bristol to pre-hype the Dean Lane Funday in style (more info on that soon) and then aiming north for Rebellion Festival. Amongst the usual merch there will also be limited edition JFA boards courtesy of Factory 13, along the lines of the ones you can see below.

We will add more details as they surface, but for now check out the event page for their London gig with The Weirdos, Reagan Youth and Naked Agression, the Dean Lane event poster below, eye up the boards salaciously if you're a collector and check out Phil Shao's JFA-scored section as well as singer Brian Bannon's section in the classic Santa Cruz skate flick Speed Freaks...
JFA cover image

JFA decks