Amongst the videos premiering at Shextreme this weekend will be Jenna Selby's new film Scratch The Surface, which features 12 women skateboarders from across the UK. Take in the necessary details via the blurb and flyer below, hit the premiere at the Bristol event if you can and, if not, keep an eye out for more premieres when they appear!

UPDATE - Read an interview with Jenna Selby on the eve of the release of Scratch the Surface here.

Featuring 12 female riders from around the UK, Scratch the Surface is a short film covering the current level of women’s riding. It also visits some of the legendary women who has helped shape the scene into what it is today. Showcasing not only the skating, the film also explores brief personal stories of each individual.

The documentary's aim is to introduce an outside audience to the lifestyle and environment surrounding female skateboarders within the UK.

Featuring: Amy Ram, Camilla Mullins, Georgie Winter, Helena Long, Kellesse and Trinity Starr, Lola Tambling, Lucy Adams, Roxanna Howlett, Sam Bruce, Sue Hazel and Zoe Kings.

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